A Post-Wedding Photoshoot at The Moore Mansion

I photographed Tate and Haley’s wedding in May. In July, we opted to do another round of bridal portraits, but this time with a different feel. Haley’s initial style was a bit more rustic and country, and her hair was up. We went for a Hollywood look for the post-wedding photoshoot, selecting The Moore Mansion as the venue and backdrop to complement the vibe. It’s enjoyable to put on the wedding attire once more and capture additional photos after the wedding day.


Post-wedding photoshoots offer a relaxed atmosphere, giving couples a break from the stress accompanying the big day. With the wedding frenzy behind them, couples can enjoy the freedom to explore diverse locations, creating a more laid-back and natural setting for capturing special moments. The absence of time constraints and the pressure of the ceremony allows for a more genuine expression of emotions and the opportunity to showcase personal style. Choosing different outfits and experimenting with unique themes become more feasible, adding a touch of individuality to the photos.

For their after-wedding photos, Haley shifted away from rustic vibes and embraced an old Hollywood feel. Her classy silk wedding gown from their wedding day worked perfectly, complemented by slicked-back hair on one side for a polished look. The overall theme was kept elegant with black and white decor. A vintage car was incorporated as a prop. This enhanced the old Hollywood aesthetic and added a touch of classic charm to the photos.


Exploring creative angles in the mansion bathroom, we captured unique bridal portraits, utilizing the space for an unconventional yet genuine touch. The result is a collection of distinctive photos that showcase the bride’s personality in an unexpected setting.

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Showcasing personal style in a post-wedding photoshoot involves the freedom to choose different outfits, allowing couples to express their tastes. From casual to formal attire, this variety captures unique personalities. Additionally, experimenting with unique themes makes the photos more personalized and memorable. Beyond just fashion choices, the post-wedding photoshoot offers an opportunity to relive the romance of their special day.

Recreating moments, sharing laughs, and embracing intimacy allow for a genuine portrayal of their love, free from the constraints of the wedding day hustle. To schedule your post-wedding session, feel free to click here and reach out for more information.